Cupholders Optional

Cupholders Optional

Hey, if you’re a big evolution nerd like I am, you may enjoy this link I’m about to throw out. It’s an online speculative alien biology project, in much the same vein as Wayne Barlowe’s Expedition. It’s a work-in-progress with some really nice art and a lot of thought and love put into it. Behold, Snaiad!

Nothing to do with robots or cuteness. I just think it’s neat.


Well, it looks like there’s actually some interest in a real “So, You’re a Cyborg” brochure. I think it would be really fun to produce something like this, and I’m talking with my boyfriend — also an artist, with a neat website — about his helping me with technical stuff and cutaway illustrations. So if anyone else would be interested in shelling out a few bucks to own a weird cross between an art print and a mini-comic, please e-mail or @tweet me or make a comment below to say so. It’ll go a long way toward making this a sure thing.

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    1. figgyleaf says:

      racoon mk1 :)

    2. Zylar says:

      If that sonic whip capability means what I think it mean then OH HECK YEAH!!!

    3. Ancel De Lambert says:

      Holy crap, he really is Captain Coon now. Go forth, do justice!

    4. Ka Chuu says:

      Can Racoons Read?

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