Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Reader Kyle Delaney e-mailed me a link to a great, bizarre music video from the 80s, to a song called “Robot Girl.” I’d never even heard of it before, but it would be on my short list of theme song nominees…if I were to ever pick a Girlbot theme song. Another on my list would be this ditty by Röyksopp. If anyone else has suggestions, please share them. If I get enough good ideas, maybe I can put together an Intrepid Girlbot playlist, or something. Anyway, thanks to Kyle!

It looks like next week is going to be filler week, incidentally. The past few weeks have been exhausting, between one event or another, not to mention being on the job hunt. It’s all capping on this weekend with FallCon, where I’ll be sharing a table with one, Mr. Peter Wartman, whose work you’ve seen on the site before. If you’re in the Twin Cities area, please come say hi! I’ll be selling Girlbot minis. Oh, yes.

Anyway. Yeah. Filler next week. I need some time to recover and get some work out of the way. I will update with (hopefully) interesting things, though. And there will be some Halloween-related bonus content later this month, so that’ll make up for it, right?

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