Iiiiit’s con season!

If you’ll look to the right part of the site, you’ll see that I’ve updated the sidebar with my planned appearances for this year. At the end of the month is Stumptown Comics Fest! And then, the next weekend, is TCAF. I will manage to do this somehow and not die, I’m sure of it. I’ll have lots of Girlbot books for sale, so if you didn’t get one through the Kickstarter, and you’re able to get to either one of those, I recommend you come buy one. (They won’t be for sale online until June, probably.) I’ll also have a few pieces of art and some prints, for however long those last.

As always, I’ll add or subtract shows when/if plans change.

Show Girlbot how much you care!

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    1. Tim says:

      Will you be at the main TCAF site, or one of the smaller events? Will you have any Poorcraft books with you?

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