Appearance roster update…

The list of 2012 appearances in the right sidebar has been updated with the following additions:

  • SPX on September 15th-16th
  • Gaylaxicon on October 5th-7th

SPX, of course, is the big indie comic show in Bethesda, MD, and this will be my first year! I’ll be there with Iron Spike. And Gaylaxicon is a local LGBT-friendly sci-fi/fantasy/horror/comics con, where I’ll be exhibiting with Blue Delliquanti, of O Human Star, a new comic I highly recommend reading.

SGMS is unfortunately a no-go due to changes in management. Maybe in the future, I’ll be able to do that one again.

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    2015 Appearances

    Emerald City
    March 27th-29th, 2015
    Seattle, WA
    MSP Comicon
    May 16th-17th, 2015
    Saint Paul, MN
    * = tentative