MN Opera presents Doubt

Last week, some local artists and I went to the dress rehearsal of a Minnesota Opera production, this time for the debut of the opera adaptation of Doubt. As before, here are the sketches I did at the event, which you can click to look at the fullsize versions:

Doubt sketch 1

Doubt sketch 2

Doubt sketch 3

Doubt sketch 4

Doubt sketch 5

Doubt sketch 6

Doing decent sketches at Doubt was definitely trickier than at past shows I’ve been to, mainly for the fact that it’s a more-or-less modern setting, with pretty conservative costumes most of the time. Also, a lot of the acting was more reserved than what I’d come to expect from shows like Madame Butterfly. (I got really excited when they had a dance class scene, but it unfortunately lasted for all of 30 seconds.) Otherwise, it was very enjoyable! I’ll be going again at least once more before the season is over.

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