BAM! Did it! End of fundraiser!

Sweet, I made the fundraiser goal! I realize that $600 is a pretty modest goal compared to the comic Kickstarters that have been blowing up every which way, but every little bit helps, for real. It’s all going to essential stuff. The phone I got has already been a godsend, and it’s going to come in super handy at cons this spring, where I’ll be able to take cards for the first time!

Thanks everyone who retweeted/reblogged my drivel and everyone who donated. I’ll be starting on those sketch cards at the end of the month and contacting everyone who didn’t already send me their sketch request before then so I can do them all at once.

You can still donate for the wallpaper, of course, but no more sketch card requests for the time being. If you meant to get one but forgot or ran out of time, I’ll be sure to offer them again some time in the near-ish future.

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    1. GreyWolf says:

      So much for swooping in and saving the day with a donation before your b-day. Darned ccard company took too long to clear my payment. >.< I swear, if they refuse to raise my limit but want me to continue running all my monthly expenses through it (it's an Amazon Visa … gotten a LOT of free stuff with it, hehehe) then they really oughta post my payments soon as I make them. Feh.

      Ah well, I'll slip over and get the wallpaper anyway. :)

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