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Girlbot has been officially-unofficially adopted by Hiveworks. I have not been bought out, and nothing on the site is changing, except for a little button in the left sidebar there. This way I’ll have someone looking out for the comic, as far as getting ads run on pertinent websites — ‘cuz I’ve never really had anything resembling an advertising budget — and who knows what else down the road. I have to say, the fellas running Hiveworks are really sweet!

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    Posted on February 24, 2013 by Diana Nock in Blog. Follow responses to this post with the comments feed.

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    1. Nonsensicles says:

      This is the third comic I read to sign on with Hiveworks, and all quite recently. The others have had full site makeovers though, which turned out slightly for the better. Overall they seem okay, it’s just that name is great for inspiring paranoia. Heh. ;)

      • Diana Nock says:

        I’m not an official member of Hiveworks, and like I said, nothing is changing except for the link in the sidebar. I still have my own hosting, still manage all my own money and ads, and still have total control of my site. There’s absolutely nothing to worry about.

      • antares says:

        Girlbots site is already really pretty. We have no plans on touching it :)

    2. antares says:

      *swoons at complements*

    3. GreyWolf says:

      Happy birthday, Diana!

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