SpringCon this weekend!


Hey, guys, I’ve been really busy with the move, which seems it may never end, but I wanted to remind people local to the Twin Cities area that SpringCon is happening this weekend, and I will be there!!!! I haven’t been for a couple of years due to various reasons, but it was my mission to make it again this year. Mission: accomplished. I’ll have books and prints and some original art! Please come give me money or at least the pleasure of your company.

SpringCon will happen this weekend, May 18th & 19th, from 10 am until 5 pm at the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

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    1. GreyWolf says:

      Wife and I will see you there this afternoon, looking forward to it!

    2. GreyWolf says:

      I got to meet Diana and got me some Girlbot hugz – achievement unlocked, I can die happy now. :D

      (still hoping I came off as “silly giddy fanboy” and not “creepy stalker dude” after this weekend … such a FINE line)

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