Then It Was Dark on Kickstarter!!!


I’ve made mention of this before in the little news blips under the comic updates, but here’s a full-on push for you guys to support this project. It’s a super cool anthology of comics about ghost stories and supernatural phenomena. I plan on drawing a comic about an experience my mom told me about, but only if the project raises $15,000 by May 25th!!! Right now, there are only 12 days left, with over half the goal still unpledged.

Here are a few reasons why you should pledge to this Kickstarter:

  • Ghost stories are fun to read.
  • A lot of talented artists and writers are involved.
  • Most of the money is going to pay everyone for their work.
  • I want to draw this story and get paid for it.

Look, you can get super cheap inked commissions from me! (There are only 3 of those left right now.) And other people! Who are also excellent! And it’s gonna be a really good book! It just needs support. So if it looks like a cool thing to you, please consider pledging to get a PDF or a physical book or a commission or something, and telling others about it if you think they’d be interested. Let’s make this thing happen!

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