A Holiday-ish Fund Drive!

I made a new donation wallpaper and set up a new little goal to help me out this holiday season. I’m trying to raise $300 for a few reasons:

  • It’ll help me afford all the nice presents I want to buy my friends.
  • It’ll give me a bit of peace of mind in the wake of recent life events.
  • It’ll help me gauge possible interest in a Patreon campaign.

Yes, that’s right! I’ve been thinking about starting a Patreon campaign for a while now — since I first heard about it, actually — but a variety of factors have kept that from happening. I’ve finally cleared away enough distractions to make a Girlbot Patreon possible, and with this fundraiser, I hope to get some idea of the level of interest I could expect for such a thing.

If I had a Patreon going, I’d be able to justify more time spent on blogging about my process, creating Girlbot-related art like the wallpaper above, and livestreaming. (If possible, I’d also like to get back to updating three times per week, but no promises right now.) I know someone out there must be into that idea, right?

As with my last couple of fund drives, each dollar contributed will get that donor a “ticket” that will go into a raffle to win the wallpaper’s original art once the goal is met. So if you donate $5, you get 5 chances out of 300 to win, and if you donate $300, I guess you just bought yourself some original art! Also, each donation of $5 or more gets you a digital sketchcard. (Can’t swing physical ones this time around, sorry.) They’ll be hi-res and suitable for printing if you so desire.

All right! Let’s do this thing!

Show Girlbot how much you care!

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