Girlbot's officially on hiatus.

Girlbot’s officially on hiatus.

What was unofficial before — obviously, since I haven’t actually posted anything here since October — is now official: Girlbot is taking a break while I figure some things out. I hate doing it, as always, but it’s 100% necessary. I’m sorry I took so long to actually say something on the site itself. I kept thinking I’d be able to finish off whatever I was doing and come back to it, but it hasn’t happened yet.

You can read about my last few months in greater detail in a public post over at my Patreon, but suffice to say I just don’t have enough time and attention to handle everything on my plate right now without help. Consequently, I’m going to try really hard with my work the next few months to see if I can make enough money to be able to hire a flatter/colorist. With that, I’ll be able to split my attention between two projects and update them both more-or-less on time. Of course, I’ll make an announcement when I know when that’s feasible.

In the meantime, I’m still posting material on both my Twitter and my Tumblr. I also have a new comic, Wonderlust, launching on January 25th AND a Twitch Creative channel where I do art streams every week on Wednesdays at 7pm Central.

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    1. Anonny says:

      I still see ads for girlbot here and there… Maybe if you’re not updating it, don’t need to pay for those any more.

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