· · · the story so far

              Girlbot lives in a big house in a world with no people, just forest critters and other robots. But she’s unique, and therefore, alone. She’s on a constant quest to be a “good girl,” whatever that really means. Despite living with a few other robotic companions, she’s still isolated and reaches out to others in her own awkward way.

              Her latest attempts have been to make a friend out of an unfortunate raccoon she accidentally abducted, tortured, and killed. She fixed her up, which resulted in the raccoon — called Raccoon #1 — becoming half-robot herself: a cyborg.

              Scared by Girlbot’s well-meaning but strange ways, Raccoon #1 fled back to the forest and her raccoon clan, where she had her own problems fitting in after her new alterations. The eventual results were explosive.

              Girlbot herself ventured into the nearby Robot City to pick up supplies and buy replacements for her old extendable arms, which were damaged in her pursuit of Raccoon #1. Without her knowledge, Girlbot simultaneously gained two enemies, a malfunctioning ladybot and Raccoon #1, now shunned by her clan.

              Raccoon #1 and Girlbot were reunited and grudges were healed, followed by a desperate bid for freedom from Robot City. The Robo Popo on Raccoon’s tail, they escaped, only to be followed to the forest by a horde of ladybots.

              To try to save the forest and the animals there, Girlbot got the attention of her fellow robots while Raccoon #1 did her best to save her family, accidentally setting the forest ablaze in the process.

              The fire extinguished and animals and robots returning to their natural order, our heroes dealt with the damage and made amends as best they could. Now a patchwork family of irregular robots and displaced woodland creatures, they must learn to deal with each other, and Girlbot must finally find her true place.

              Let’s see where this goes.

     · · · cast list


A lonely little robot in the approximate shape of a girl, she is what she is, but for whatever reason, she can’t accept it. Girlbot is on a perpetual quest to be a “good girl,” with varying results — from bad to horrible. She means well. It’s unclear how aware she is of the futility of her efforts because she always, always persists. Always. But at least she’s cute.

Raccoon #1

She started out life as a normal woodland creature, and she was content. It was only when she made the mistake of Girlbot’s acquaintance that her life got “interesting.” (Accidentally) killed, revived, and “improved,” she’s now lousy with cyborg parts, which sort of ruined her plan of going back to being a boring, content animal in the woods for the rest of her life. She demonstrates an unusual amount of both intelligence and appetite.

Cat-bot &

These two are programmed, seemingly by Girlbot herself, to attack and chase each other, to no apparent end. Somehow, they’re still able to recognize each other as robots and stop battling long enough to act like friends and pets to their master.

Helping Hands

Girlbot can summon this pair of giant hands at will from a spot on the roof, where they’ve gotten her out of more than one jam. While Girlbot does command them, they seem to have a mind of their own.

Raccoon Cousins

Raccoon #1 has no apparent immediate family, but she does have two cousins from her life in the woods, with whom she’s very close, even after coming back “changed.”

     · · · the author

My name is Diana Nock, and I draw stupid comics about robots and cyborg raccoons. I live in Minneapolis, MN, USA, in a big house, with four dudes and four ferrets. I spend practically all my waking time working on comics or something related to comics.

I’ve been drawing comics for years and even went to school for it: BFA at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, class of 2006. Girlbot is my first serious attempt at an on-going webcomic. It’s an experiment, and I’m having fun with it, even if it is a lot of work.

You can see more of my work at:

     · · · S.A.Q.

· What the hell is this?

         This is my webcomic called The Intrepid Girlbot. Welcome.

         I first got the idea for the Girlbot character in college and then decided years later that she would make an interesting protagonist for a comic strip. I started the comic thinking it would be an easy way to maintain a constant online presence and get more comic work under my belt. And it has been, except for the easy part.

         I started with a simple idea — basically a silent Pinocchio story about a robot trying to be a little girl — and it grew from there. I have the comic outlined in broad strokes, but I improvise as I go.


· How do you make the comic?

         I draw the comic on smooth 11″x14″ Bristol board, with colored pencil lead and brush pens, mostly. My favorite brush pens to use are the Zebra calligraphy markers and the Pentel pocket brush pen. I scan it all into Photoshop, clean it up, and color it using MultiFill & Flatten and a special limited palette.


· Would you like to trade links? / Will you link me on your site?

         I don’t really do link trades, but feel free to send me to your site. If I like it, I’ll add it to my link page eventually. And you can freely link to me, of course. Or not. It’s up to you.


· Would you like to do a crossover with my webcomic? Huh? Huh?

         I’m not interested in crossover “event” things, but if you’d like to give any of the Girlbot characters a cameo or whatever, you can go ahead. I’d like to hear about it! If you genuinely feel that a bona fide crossover between our two comics would be the Best Thing Ever, you can make your argument to me, and I’ll think about it, at least.


· Are you trying to make a living at this?

         Right now, I’m scraping a meager existence together from drawing things for other people, with a little bit of help from the readers of Girlbot. I’d like to make this comic, and the other webcomics I plan to publish one day, into a full-time job all on its own, but that day is a way off.


· Will you draw me something?

         Sure! Maybe! I take commissions currently, and I’m very open. E-mail me about your idea, and I’ll give you a quote. I have standard commission rates available upon request.


· Do you have any advice about making comics? / Will you critique my comic?

         My best advice is to draw all the time and be willing to work HARD AS HELL if you want to get anywhere. You don’t need fancy markers. You don’t need a Cintiq. All you need is materials to make drawings with and, preferably, a way to put them online to share with others and get feedback and such.

         To be a successful cartoonist, you have to love comics more than anything and be willing to make them for free (for yourself.) Draw every day, both comics pages and sketches from real-life.

         And if you want me to give critique on your work, sure. Point me at it, and I’ll try to be helpful.


· What else do you do?

         I do short non-Girlbot comics and illustration work, a lot of which you can find over at Jinxville.com. I currently have another (technically) on-going webcomic called Welcome to Jinxville. It’s a journal/auto-bio thing that I hope some people find amusing.


· What’s “S.A.Q.”?

         “Sporadically Asked Questions.” I don’t get a lot of questions.

2015 Appearances

Emerald City
March 27th-29th, 2015
Seattle, WA
MSP Comicon
May 16th-17th, 2015
Saint Paul, MN
* = tentative