December 4, 2013

Comic returns December 16th

Sorry for being AWOL and missing updates without a word. Just got myself overwhelmed, being behind on freelance work and basically driving myself insane with a stupid sleep disorder. I need to take some time to get this stuff sorted out, as well as visit my family down South for the holidays, so Girlbot will make her return on December 16th. Hope that’s okay with y’all! If not, well, then too bad, I guess!

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    October 19, 2013

    Updates resume next week!

    Sorry about no comics this week. Pokemon kind of ate my soul. I beat the game yesterday, so I’m back in the saddle. Check back next Tuesday for the next update!

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      July 18, 2013

      Toothfairy needed. (A new fundraiser.)


      So there’s a new wallpaper available for donations this month! Any amount will get you the download, of course, but I’m also putting up a new donation goal bar to help me finish paying for some dental work. Basically, I need a fancy gold crown on a tooth my old dentist ruined, and of course my meager insurance won’t cover it. The total bill is $1300, but I just need the last $300.

      As with the last fundraiser, every dollar you donate will get you a chance to win the original art for the wallpaper. If you feel like donating $300, then I guess you’re just buying it from me! Unlike the last fundraiser, I won’t be doing sketch cards due to my workload. If I want to keep updating Girlbot three times a week AND get my freelance work done, there’s just no time. Sorry!

      In addition to the donations, I also have the comic strip originals, the books, and a limited edition print previously only available for sale at conventions. Profits from those will also go in the donation bar and give you a chance to win the wallpaper original.

      Thanks for your support!

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        July 9, 2013

        Kickstarter???? Again????


        I want all my readers to know about two Kickstarter projects that deserve all the support they can get!

        The first is an anthology of horror comics organized by my very good friend Spike, titled Sleep of Reason. As of this post it has only 19 hours to go, so go help it get as high as it can! It’s well funded already, but more money for the project means more money for the artists and writers involved. Who might that be? Well, how about Evan Dahm, Gabby Schulz, KC Green, Sophie Goldstein, and Carla Speed McNeil, to name a few.


        The second is a video game project by the name of Undertale, which was released as a free demo recently and became an instant hit! Now they’re trying to make it into a full game, using Kickstarter funds to buy everyone involved the time to do the work. And there’s a soundtrack and stickers and buttons and all that crap, too. But the game itself will be super excellent, I’m sure of it! Try the demo, if you don’t believe me.


        Okay, then. As I promised, fresh comics starting tomorrow. No funny business. Nothing funny about it. No, sir.

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          July 5, 2013


          So why wasn’t there a comic today?

          On the night of July 4th — whilst my boyfriend and I were out having a a good, clean American night on the town — our apartment was broken into and bunch of stuff stolen. That left kind of a cramp on our weekend plans. We spent all day today dealing with the aftermath, and on top of that, I had to go to the dentist. So I just never got around to drawing the comic for today. It’s just been kind of wretched.

          And those fossils in Animal Crossing aren’t going to dig themselves up. I mean, c’mon!

          It’s nothing too serious, really, assuming my renter’s insurance will cover the cost of the things that were taken. No essential data was lost, no art equipment stolen. It could have been much, much worse.

          So I guess I’ll just post what would have been today’s comic on Monday, and I guess real comic updates after that? We’ll see.

          Sorry about this.

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            May 17, 2013

            SpringCon this weekend!


            Hey, guys, I’ve been really busy with the move, which seems it may never end, but I wanted to remind people local to the Twin Cities area that SpringCon is happening this weekend, and I will be there!!!! I haven’t been for a couple of years due to various reasons, but it was my mission to make it again this year. Mission: accomplished. I’ll have books and prints and some original art! Please come give me money or at least the pleasure of your company.

            SpringCon will happen this weekend, May 18th & 19th, from 10 am until 5 pm at the Grandstand at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

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              April 4, 2013

              2013 Convention Update!

              I’ve been officially confirmed to have space at both Kids Read Comics! and SPX this year, which is a relief! I’ve also added a new show to the roster: ConnectiCon in Hartford, CT, where I’ll be hanging out with the Hiveworks crew. If you’re on the East Coast, come see me!

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                February 24, 2013

                Now affiliated with Hiveworks!

                Girlbot has been officially-unofficially adopted by Hiveworks. I have not been bought out, and nothing on the site is changing, except for a little button in the left sidebar there. This way I’ll have someone looking out for the comic, as far as getting ads run on pertinent websites — ‘cuz I’ve never really had anything resembling an advertising budget — and who knows what else down the road. I have to say, the fellas running Hiveworks are really sweet!

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                  February 18, 2013

                  BAM! Did it! End of fundraiser!

                  Sweet, I made the fundraiser goal! I realize that $600 is a pretty modest goal compared to the comic Kickstarters that have been blowing up every which way, but every little bit helps, for real. It’s all going to essential stuff. The phone I got has already been a godsend, and it’s going to come in super handy at cons this spring, where I’ll be able to take cards for the first time!

                  Thanks everyone who retweeted/reblogged my drivel and everyone who donated. I’ll be starting on those sketch cards at the end of the month and contacting everyone who didn’t already send me their sketch request before then so I can do them all at once.

                  You can still donate for the wallpaper, of course, but no more sketch card requests for the time being. If you meant to get one but forgot or ran out of time, I’ll be sure to offer them again some time in the near-ish future.

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                    January 30, 2013

                    The Return of FFF!

                    I was going to wait until Friday’s update to post this, but since it’s already set up, I’ll make the announcement now. I’m doing another little fundraiser this February, for a few different things:

                    1. Plane tickets for Stumptown and (possibly) TCAF.
                    2. A new phone since my old one is totally borked, and I can’t just trade it in for a free one.
                    3. A vertical banner for display at conventions this year.

                    So I’m asking for $600 to help cover these things. As before, I’m doing sketch cards — either paper or digital — of whatever you might like, within reason, for those who donate $5 or more. Just put your request in the special instructions field when you make your donation! (Also, let me know if you’d prefer a traditional or digital sketch.)

                    Sketch cards!

                    The more you donate, the bigger and more elaborate the sketch card. Donating also puts you in the running to win the original art for the lovely new donation wallpaper:


                    Every dollar you donate gives you a chance to win in a raffle from which I’ll choose the winner at random. Donate $5, you get five “tickets;” donate $100, and you’ll have a 1-in-6 chance to get this 8×12″ frameable piece of original art, in addition to your personalized sketch card. I hope that’s enough incentive to get a little help here.

                    So please go donate! Your support of Girlbot keeps her in cookies and me in rent money.

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